Using Tarot as your Spiritual Compass

We are all born with a Divine compass embedded in our system. The Inner voice, or the Higher Self – all are your spiritual compass. Few are blessed who listen wholeheartedly and understand their path. But some of us lose our track and connection with that compass. It comes up at times as your intuition. If your have followed it then you know its power.

But life brings us to certain junctures where it becomes difficult to listen to intuition or forget to do so. Even then the Divine is always looking out for you by bringing about divination tools to help you reconnect with your inner compass. One of these many tools is Tarot.

My life path brought Tarot as tool of my healing and guidance. The magic in the cards, there is something to it that resonates with my soul. I enjoy giving readings to myself and others who could benefit from them in some way. And this magic is not limited to few lucky ones. Anyone can learn to work with tarot cards to receive guidance , if ever feeling lost.

Tarot and Intuition

When you tap into your intuition to tap into the Universal wisdom through the cards, you will experience the magic I am talking about. Try to listen to the theme and messages in the cards instead of just interpreting them intellectually. Fight that urge, follow the voice, then add the textual/ traditional meanings.

The images on the cards trigger responses from within your consciousness. They basically relay what your Inner voice is telling you and you have been sensing intuitively at some level.

The tarot cards put the message out in the open clearly for you to listen, embrace and follow at your own free will – just like your Inner voice. They are the reflection of the movements and the silence whistling in your consciousness – consciously or sub-consciously. Use this compass to move forward whenever you feel stuck, lost, confused or hopeless.

Explore and understand your psyche , behaviors, patterns with help of Tarot, if it is your desire to grow and evolve spiritually. In the meantime, use the Tarot cards you have or get one if you have been thinking about it, and connect with your compass.

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