Should I get a Tarot reading

Getting a tarot reading is safe and not scary or woo-woo at all as portrayed in some movies. I cant remember how many times I have been given movie references when I tell people I am a tarot reader. It is time to change the way we look at tarot and how it works. I believe everybody can read Tarot and can absolutely benefit from it. It is all about working with your intuition. It can be predictive, therapeutic, illuminating and fun and there is no wrong way to practice tarot. You can learn tarot for yourself and get started on your path to living life guided by Divine today.

So go get a tarot reading from a professional or that friend who secretly reads tarot. You will see how it guides you and resonates with you. Tarot gives you the truth, no sugar coating. It is going to tell you as it is and might get uncomfortable for your ego. Your Higher-self brought you here, to that tarot reading, to shine light upon the fears and limiting beliefs lurking in your subconscious and blocking you from living your truth.

Do not go for a tarot reading to just to know your future or to check how accurate it predicts. You might think it will be fun for now but how is it helping you really? Instead go for a reading to understand yourself better, beyond the personality on the surface. Use tarot to your advantage to dive deep within your consciousness and discover the answers that are already here.

Tarot helps you go as deep within as you can bear and untangle your mind from the labyrinth of fears, limiting beliefs, doubts, and unlimited questions about life. All your questions may not be quenched right away. But the insights you get are way more helpful.The need to ask when and why will be replaced with how or what. Like, ‘what can I do to navigate through this situation right now?’. This will transform the way you deal with problems.

So next time a friend recommends getting a tarot reading or you just come across a reader, trust your intuition and see for yourself.

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