What is Tarot ?

Tarot is one of the oldest arts that has been guiding humankind with wisdom of the universe. You may have heard or seen in movies as tarot being used for fortune telling but its so much more than that. Tarot tells you what you need to know in that moment, that which would actually help you navigate through life in an uplifting way. It isn’t something to be scared of but instead a very friendly, honest and practical tool to get divine guidance.

How can tarot help me

It all begins with trust. Working with Tarot is a two way street, you gotta meet in the middle by being open minded to get the best out of the reading. Tarot cards reflect back to you what is going on within you subconsciously, laying it out in open for you to see objectively and reflect. From there you get to decide what to do with that information. You always get to choose, tarot doesn’t decide for you. The power is in your hands and only you can make that magic happen. Whether you are trying to understand yourself better, or a relationship or a work situation, tarot can reveal the root of that problem and help chart a way to resolve it.

What to expect in a tarot reading session

When you come for a tarot reading, know that you are coming to a safe space where you can be open and vulnerable. Everything that takes place in session is private and confidential (Ethics and Policies).

We begin with a simple conversation to ease into the space for reading. As the conversation unfolds, I start laying down the cards and let the messages flow intuitively. It is advisable to come with specific questions or intentions as they help getting direct and clear guidance you need. Together we navigate to the core of the issue and let the cards show you the potential outcome of your situation.

In the session, it is possible that some things may come up that you didn’t ask about. For example,  like when you ask about business growth issue but cards come up about stress in relationship, which indicates how its affecting your work and needs to be addressed first. Whatever is revealed in the reading is meant to be acknowledged in that moment, which could also mean not getting every answer you came for. Clearing up that blocked energy first opens up the way to your solution.

One thing that I would like to emphasize is that I do not give fortune telling predictions with tarot. Please check Ethics and Policies page before booking to avoid misunderstandings. In all my reading sessions

Get a tarot reading

Tarot readings are available online through Skype, Whatsapp call, Zoom. 

Phone call and In-person  (India only)